Leading provider of eDetailing solutions

With its own proprietary eDetailing platform engage®, RepInteractive has helped pharmaceutical companies deploy efficient eDetailing solutions for better CLM results. Many companies of all size rely on us for their eDetailing needs.

  • Cost-effective & flexible eDetailing platform With marketing budgets getting squeezed, we understand that you don't want to get locked into exclusive agreement with a single eDetailing vendor, or spend large amounts on  a one-size-fits-all solution (after all, there is no such thing). That's why we insist that our eDetailing solutions be flexible and cost effective.
  • Customized services tailored to your eDetailing needs If you chose us to build your own interactive éDetailing sales material for the iPad, our engage® eDetailing platform will allow you to deploy it easily in the field. If you chose to use or modify existing applications (such as the one provided by your headquarters), you can also house it in Engage and compliment it with your own material. And if you'd rather use your own eDetailing platform, we can provide you with eDetailing services only, such as story board and content development services for all your sales aids. Just pick the solution that's right for you!
  • Reliable & proven solutions for efficient pharma iPAD eDetailing Our main eDetailing platform is extremely easy to use for sales reps because it has been built & designed to streamline the entire process of eDetailing. And since our eDetailing platform is iPad-based, sales reps can work within an eDetailing interface they are familiar with. Ask for a free demo of engage, our proprietary eDetailing platform here!!.